Damaco's success is largely determined by motivated and satisfied employees. Together we want to make something beautiful out of it. Damaco Group wants to be a good employer, a company where people like to work. Our employees are our best ambassadors.

Damaco Group is based on a sustainable HR policy. We want to create a positive, safe working environment where all employees can perform optimally. That is why we are committed to prevention, including psychosocial well-being. The internal confidential adviser always offers a listening ear and strives with complete confidence and within the possibilities to find a solution.

Safe and good working conditions for employees are also important in the production environment. Ensuring a healthy and safe working environment is a priority. In addition to drawing up risk analyzes, accidents and absenteeism are carefully recorded. This way we can make the necessary adjustments on the work floor or in processes.

The knowledge lies with our employees themselves. That is why we think it is important that they think about finding and implementing the most suitable solutions. We want to give all our employees the opportunity to be their best self. That is why we offer to follow training courses that help to develop further.

In addition, employees can count on a fair remuneration for their performance. Appointments and promotions are based on the principle of equal opportunities.

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Age, gender, language, origin, sexual orientation and religious, philosophical and political beliefs are neutral elements in case of recruitment or promotion.

Our company is completely committed to respect. This means that we treat all colleagues with respect. There is no room for discrimination and racism at Damaco Group.

We want to guarantee dignity and equality for all our employees, both in terms of opportunities and training and in safe and healthy working conditions.

We not only care for mutual respect in the workplace, but also our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders must always be treated with the necessary respect.

We strive to make a positive contribution to our environment. This by on the one hand minimizing the negative impact and on the other hand by making transparent and professional donations to local charities.

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Improving energy efficiency and reducing our ecological footprint is a continuous process. Saving energy not only reduces the costs for our company but also reduces the impact on the environment. We monitor the consumption of water, energy and waste emissions very closely and continuously strive for reduction.

Every week dozens of containers are loaded from our main company in Oostrozebeke. By organizing container transport via inland shipping, we can save 200 kilometers per loaded container on road transport. A real improvement for our ecological footprint!

For Damaco Group it is evident to embrace and encourage initiatives in the field of animal welfare. The care of good feed, optimal housing and transport are essential for good production. Animal welfare often plays a major role in ethical and social discussions. Together with our supplier we contribute to more animal welfare and less animal-unfriendly breeding and slaughtering conditions.


Damaco Group wants to create financial value for employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders in the long term. That is why good economic performance is an important condition.

This is only possible if we meet the expectations in the market. Absolute customer satisfaction is a requirement to remain successful. We monitor customer satisfaction and implement improvement actions where possible. We meet the strict quality standards such as various BRC standards, FASFC and export rules. We therefore attach great importance to quality.

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